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Audi A4 2007

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Audi A4 2007


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Audi A4 Avant 1.8 Turbo, Automatic 2007
Audi A4 - The Brilliant All Rounder

I think the Audi A4 is a reliable and comfortable family car. It is not as dated as some other family sedans.

Fuel consumption whilst slightly high is not unreasonable. The engine is well built and overall the car is mechanically sound.

It switches easily between sedate family drive and sporty, 'drive for the love of driving'. So a great car for either gender.

The car safety is very good. The car is well structured, solid and the passengers well protected.

On a personal note, my car was in a hail storm and although I did have damage, parked next to more exclusive and expensive cars the metal work of the Audi held up far better than all the other brands.

The interior is easily maintained although should a part break they are quite pricey to replace/repair.

In 2007 they did not come standard with a iPod/usb jack which was frustrating as the retrofit is not always done correctly. The sound system however is brilliant.

Audi's warranty on the car was very efficient and the service centres were well run.


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