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Motorate is a car review website driven by public opinion, more specifically driven by you. If you drive a car, then we want to hear from you, we want your opinion!

It's simple, tell us and the world what you like or dislike about your car or a car you've driven and we'll do the rest. Share your vehicle reviews with friends or compare them with others and see what they have to say. Perhaps you are just looking for vehicle reports or car information, then who better to give you that valuable insight than your fellow car owners, people like you who drive and think like you.

The choice is yours.

Welcome to motorate! Drive. Write. Rate.


Honda Accord 2014

Good car but high cost

Toyota Fortuner 2014

One month and very happy with this awesome machine

Toyota Fortuner 2008

Six years of service. What an awesome machine. Was sad to let it go but i am sure the new one...

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